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Image Quality and Assurance


Concept and realization of software to start-up and final inspection of angiography plants (image quality, Rtg dose, etc..) for the medical technology

  • Operating System: Solaris bzw. Windows NT
  • SW-Environment: XView, ESQL bzw. HTML, MFC, C/C++
  • Projektumfang: jeweils ca. 100 persons

Cooperation in a central Task Force for the introduction of the DICOM standard for the transmission of medical pictures

  • Size: 35 persons

Conversion of a 3D-Grafik-Subkomponente in the computer tomography in a distributed network architecture

  • Hardware: Transition Sparc-HW to PC-HW
  • Operating System: Solaris 1 and 2
  • SW-Environment: C++
  • Size: 10 persons
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